Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Do I Know?

I know a lot. And you know I'm gonna write it alllllllll down!

Today was a productive day in a big blue sea of productive days. And I've really needed that.

Since this blog was originally about my vintage reselling adventures, let me say Paris on Ponce is still going well - it's paying for itself and I love the idea of what I have going there. I'm the inexpensive mid-century dealer. I believe I've carved out that niche and I want to keep doing it but it's been just-slow-enough that it hasn't required a lot of my energy for the past few months. But all that's just to say - getting back to auctions and weekend hunting excites me to no end now that spring is springing here in Atlanta.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Happened to Fall 2012?

I just came across this nearly completed but never published post which *actually* makes me feel marginally better about the blog drought. Enjoy...

Well - okay. It has been an entire summer since I've posted anything here. I'm not really sure why. Part of it is that I've been busy with all things S.A.L.vage and all things not-S.A.L.vage.

We haven't traveled much this summer but we did get away for nearly two weeks to Lea's home in Maine - that was amazing. And we have just been super busy getting into what has become our new-norm.

I definitely work for myself both with the re-selling at Paris on Ponce AND as a project manager for local interactive web groups - that's what I have always done professionally and it's nice to be able to do it from home now for smart clients that share similar life/work balance sentiment.

I think I have become a better wife this summer, really attacking the home duties better than ever and we're on a crazy (not really - actually pretty biologically normal) diet - so I'm cooking nearly every night. All that feels good - just keeps me busy.

The shop has been slow this month but overall it's been a great summer in that regard. We put ourselves on a financial freeze trying to get rid of some inventory we had stored at home.

I'm really trying to just purchase and / or acquire pieces that I have room for at the shop - AT THAT MOMENT. In other words, no more using our home as a storage unit! It makes us all crazy.

We finally got our wood rings up on the partition wall and it looks great. Currently there is a great selection of mid-cen tables, a vintage, wooden school desk, an orange vinyl therapy couch acquired from a local elementary school - oh the stories!...and a lot of other cool stuff. All priced to sell! So...hopefully it'll all sell!

At home, I finally got Alice's room in better order. We purchased a vintage mini-piano (not so mini weighing in at like 800 pounds) for her room at auction late last spring and we JUST got it set up. Isn't it adorable?!

The hand-drawn "Famous Women in History" Alphabet Deck is strung up and displayed in a frame I bought from Paris on Ponce before I had a shop there.

*UPDATE - this is so out-of-date. We've MOVED since!

Michelle Obama was great at the DNC 2012. We watched it all. Well, lots of it. Watched the RNC too. Ugh.

I loved everything that came out of her mouth and I'm inspired by our first family more than ever.

I've been sewing a lot for my friend and tattoo artist, Danielle's little girl. I mean really - this upcycled denim blouse with vintage buttons is almost too much. I love it so.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Family Affair


Comprised of Sarah, Alice and Lea (in no particular order except that it spells S.A.L. in that order) but we are actually a family of 5!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shoulda brought a book

Happy May Day!
What's May Day?

I'm in Nashville, TN today for a very special occasion. My best friend is having her baby today and I am at Baptist Hospital with her family in the waiting room.

So THIS May Day is very special! Hopefully it will also prove to be little miss baby's birthday!

I suppose there's a chance she could be born tomorrow - but we're crossing our fingers for mom and dad that they have less than 10 hours left before they get to meet her! And of course before I get to hold her!

Lea and Alice are back in Atlanta and I'm missing my girls big time but it's for great reason and the people I'm with are truly like family. <3

Re: S.A.L.vage, I got the shop in great shape before I left town. There are some new pieces, big and small.

Among the large pieces, there's now a 1950s wardrobe / dresser with two sliding doors hiding these small and very cool, roll-out drawers. They are cork lined! Below that, there are three big drawers for folded clothes. Very neat!

I also took a small, baby blue, vintage shopping cart. That's actually a piece I used for years in my home. I put linens, throw pillows, stuffed animals, etc. in it and that is really adorable too.

The month of April was a calm month at the shop overall - although I did well enough myself. Either way, in efforts to really move things, I've got everything priced to sell! A couple of pieces were reduced a bit and I'm ready to sell the big stuff and get some new energy in there!

If you still haven't been to Paris on Ponce, go! It's really a fun and inspiring place!

I'm attaching 1) "Impatient Face" and 2) 1950s wardrobe photos.

...May 1st, 2012. Let that be her birthday, please!

I wish I'd brought a book...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quickie Update!

It's been beyond too long since my last post. The delay is silly but I have been busy!

The Grand Reopening at POP was lovely - I'd guess these were 300+ people there and that's what I call a success!

Sales are good. I'm contemplating taking some lingering larger pieces out for a while to rotate in new items. Still deciding about that.

I've been picking up some new smalls and got them all priced today to take to the shop tomorrow. Among them: vases, figurines, serving dishes, glass pipettes - *talk nerdy to me* - bookends, dishes and more. Here are a couple of cuties - one being that of a white Czechoslovakian horse in a Lego barn...thanks to the the others members of Team S.A.L. for that gem!

Go buy something!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Obsessed

Mid-project self portrait.
Happiness is!
Really. I am kind of obsessed with the textile spools. This you will notice is the second post dedicated to them.solely.

I just wanted to post a quick 'before and after' image of the clean up that happened today.

Also - have to nod at the sheer joy of being able to spend my days doing things like this. Seriously. So exactly how I imagined this could work.

The chore of it:
Hardly. The sky was blue, temp near 80 (spring in Atlanta is by the way, my FAVORITE) and I was in spaghetti straps on the porch. Perfection. I was a hahahappy lady!

The beauty of it:
If I loved them before - I am beyond smitten now. The colors are even more beautiful. And where the repetition of shape attracted me to them in the first place, now that repetition is compounded (in a good way) in beautiful layers and layers and layers of paint that can now be appreciated. See the pink one below - after the clean up. Bottom center - it's like rings on a tree - so great! Big love. Obviously.

I 'shopped two quick before & afters to show the difference - just two I grabbed. Anyone love them as much as me?

Bueller...? Bueller...?

First batch is headed to POP tomorrow in time for the weekend. Go get 'em!

paint layers / close up