Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well - to kick things off, welcome to the blog. I've never been behind the wheel of a blog devoted solely to whatever it is I want to share...so I'm as much welcoming myself as I am my (one day) audience.

I'm a vintage reseller and artist in Atlanta, GA and I need a way to share both my "inventory" and my craft. So I'm using this platform to share goodies of all kinds.

Things you should know:

  1. I have a beautiful, doting wife and the cutest little girl there ever was! 
  2. We call ourselves "Team S.A.L." - Sarah, Alice and Lea. Lea is my wife and Alice is the two and a half year old. If you were hoping to copyright that name - don't bother. It's engraved on the back of our iPad. I'm just kidding (no that's true about the iPad). I don't know anything about copyrighting. Should I copyright the name? Anyway...
  3. "S.A.L.vage Atlanta" is my business. I find things. I buy things. I make things. I sell things. In the next few weeks I have a booth opening at Paris on Ponce in midtown Atlanta. Paris on Ponce has been an Atlanta institution - a must-see for antique seekers since the late nineties. In the past year they have been moving to a vendor-driven business model and it's an exciting thing to be a part of. You can visit their full blog here and make sure you step through the doors soon. It's fast becoming one of those one-stop, if-you-don't-see-it-you-don't-need-it markets - err, rather - Marche! It is after all - Parisian!

S.A.L.vage Atlanta is opening it's booth doors(?) at Paris on Ponce on February 20th. I hope you'll visit the booth and I hope you'll visit the blog. This one - where you are right now. Come back. See what I have found or otherwise acquired and enjoy the adventure. I'm gonna share details about finding and making stuff here and I'm gonna sell all the goodies there. So in short, visiting both the blog and the booth are key here.

The next few posts and pictures are the fruit of my January adventures and they're just the beginning. Making money doing this is the goal - but changing course in my professional path and pursuing this new opportunity is already proving to be totally rewarding. For the first time in a long time, I'm doing something I love and well - loving it. Does that inspire you? It inspires the heck out of me!

Here we go!

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