Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Obsessed

Mid-project self portrait.
Happiness is!
Really. I am kind of obsessed with the textile spools. This you will notice is the second post dedicated to them.solely.

I just wanted to post a quick 'before and after' image of the clean up that happened today.

Also - have to nod at the sheer joy of being able to spend my days doing things like this. Seriously. So exactly how I imagined this could work.

The chore of it:
Hardly. The sky was blue, temp near 80 (spring in Atlanta is by the way, my FAVORITE) and I was in spaghetti straps on the porch. Perfection. I was a hahahappy lady!

The beauty of it:
If I loved them before - I am beyond smitten now. The colors are even more beautiful. And where the repetition of shape attracted me to them in the first place, now that repetition is compounded (in a good way) in beautiful layers and layers and layers of paint that can now be appreciated. See the pink one below - after the clean up. Bottom center - it's like rings on a tree - so great! Big love. Obviously.

I 'shopped two quick before & afters to show the difference - just two I grabbed. Anyone love them as much as me?

Bueller...? Bueller...?

First batch is headed to POP tomorrow in time for the weekend. Go get 'em!

paint layers / close up

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why? Because They're AWESOME!

This weekend lent itself to scrappy, get-dirty-or-go-home picking and I had a B-L-A-S-T!

Favorite find: Industrial textile spools. Why? Because they're AWESOME!

This is where my intuition takes over and I see possibility in the unexpected. I am also incredibly attracted to repetition and when I saw a number of these beauties piled up I knew I had to make them they could be [yours].

I was with Lea, Alice and our great buddy Blair. I got facial question marks but insisted they were worth it. We crunched some numbers, I practiced my best bargaining and set out to make a deal.

I bought as many as I could afford and they're coming soon to the booth at Paris on Ponce. A little clean up + some creative and suggestive displaying will suit them well.

Yet another find that I'll have a hard time letting go...

Yummy, yummy gnarly repetition:
The shoe? That's for perspective: ~9 inches tall
Repetition = happiness.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Tha...?

UGH! What tha...?

Well - I had a successful day but I just spent the last hour losing ebay auctions!

'Here's what' about me...If I'm sending a text / email / FB message, etc. and an error occurs, I usually stop and rethink whether or not I should really send said text / email / FB message, etc. I think of it as a second chance to make 100% sure I want to pull the trigger. Now - I don't send a a lot of dramatic emails or anything - so there's often no reason NOT to go ahead and "send it"...I'm just saying, that's how my brain works.

Making Rent

Everyone giving me advice about this venture kept saying "the first couple months you'll probably just 'make rent'..." That means, I'm only expected to make enough dough to cover the cost of the booth in the beginning.

Well - I'm happy to report I have already 'made rent' this month. In fact, I'd made rent by this past Saturday. SO - now on to bigger and better 'making our home rent' and 'paying our bills'...

Friday, March 2, 2012

It Has Begun!

Brand new booth space going into the weekend!
I am so pleased to announce the booth at Paris on Ponce is open! I spent the majority of yesterday moving in my big stuff and organizing things in the space. 

Today was for moving in my smalls (of which I need a lot more) and pricing. I was a little torn about whether I had too many large pieces crammed in - but for now I'm leaving it all. The major goal was to get things to a good place for the weekend because we are driving to Nashville to visit my best friend and her husband this weekend.

I feel pretty good about the state of things - and I feel REAL good about being able to start fresh on Monday and tweak things. Vintage ashtrays are displayed on the second wall. I have another 15 or so to hang early next week. And I guess the wood slices are happening soon. But not right away. I'm exhausted. So happy it's over because that means it has begun!