Friday, May 18, 2012

A Family Affair


Comprised of Sarah, Alice and Lea (in no particular order except that it spells S.A.L. in that order) but we are actually a family of 5!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shoulda brought a book

Happy May Day!
What's May Day?

I'm in Nashville, TN today for a very special occasion. My best friend is having her baby today and I am at Baptist Hospital with her family in the waiting room.

So THIS May Day is very special! Hopefully it will also prove to be little miss baby's birthday!

I suppose there's a chance she could be born tomorrow - but we're crossing our fingers for mom and dad that they have less than 10 hours left before they get to meet her! And of course before I get to hold her!

Lea and Alice are back in Atlanta and I'm missing my girls big time but it's for great reason and the people I'm with are truly like family. <3

Re: S.A.L.vage, I got the shop in great shape before I left town. There are some new pieces, big and small.

Among the large pieces, there's now a 1950s wardrobe / dresser with two sliding doors hiding these small and very cool, roll-out drawers. They are cork lined! Below that, there are three big drawers for folded clothes. Very neat!

I also took a small, baby blue, vintage shopping cart. That's actually a piece I used for years in my home. I put linens, throw pillows, stuffed animals, etc. in it and that is really adorable too.

The month of April was a calm month at the shop overall - although I did well enough myself. Either way, in efforts to really move things, I've got everything priced to sell! A couple of pieces were reduced a bit and I'm ready to sell the big stuff and get some new energy in there!

If you still haven't been to Paris on Ponce, go! It's really a fun and inspiring place!

I'm attaching 1) "Impatient Face" and 2) 1950s wardrobe photos.

...May 1st, 2012. Let that be her birthday, please!

I wish I'd brought a book...