Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quickie Update!

It's been beyond too long since my last post. The delay is silly but I have been busy!

The Grand Reopening at POP was lovely - I'd guess these were 300+ people there and that's what I call a success!

Sales are good. I'm contemplating taking some lingering larger pieces out for a while to rotate in new items. Still deciding about that.

I've been picking up some new smalls and got them all priced today to take to the shop tomorrow. Among them: vases, figurines, serving dishes, glass pipettes - *talk nerdy to me* - bookends, dishes and more. Here are a couple of cuties - one being that of a white Czechoslovakian horse in a Lego barn...thanks to the the others members of Team S.A.L. for that gem!

Go buy something!