Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Do I Know?

I know a lot. And you know I'm gonna write it alllllllll down!

Today was a productive day in a big blue sea of productive days. And I've really needed that.

Since this blog was originally about my vintage reselling adventures, let me say Paris on Ponce is still going well - it's paying for itself and I love the idea of what I have going there. I'm the inexpensive mid-century dealer. I believe I've carved out that niche and I want to keep doing it but it's been just-slow-enough that it hasn't required a lot of my energy for the past few months. But all that's just to say - getting back to auctions and weekend hunting excites me to no end now that spring is springing here in Atlanta.

So - what have I been doing? I've poured myself into my freelance project management work and that's proving very rewarding. When I started that I did some math. I needed to work "x" hours a week for Lea and I to be able to make ends meet. That was a pretty small figure which was a pretty cool notion.

Accordingly, I spent so much valuable time with Alice in 2012 that I wouldn't change it - at all. These days I'm working twice my original weekly requirement and I'm still enjoying my life, daughter, wife, family and friends. I feel lucky and at least for now, I'm in a great groove! A grateful groove.

Alice started school two weeks ago. First time ever. She's a freaking rock star. She loves it. Loves her teachers and likes most of the kids. Except the boys (for now) - Zeke excluded. He's a doll.

That brings me to the motivation for this blog-post. Chit-chat on the playground! I've met a MOM - and I like her!

Ahhh - mommies on the playground! 
Who knew I wouldn't detest causal fodder about other people's' kids and lives. 
No - instead I quite enjoy it. Not surprisingly, I over-shared about my life which left me rather tickled at myself. 
It's clear to me that I want the playground parents to know who we are as a family.
I'm anxious to get it all out there - how we manage co-parenting, plans for our future, et al.
New and unconnected acceptance. I found it refreshing.

Ayana is Zeke's mom and she and I might be in a similar place energetically. I read a blog she wrote today called "I will be something...maybe..." and it got me thinking...

Yea...I sure did grow up thinking I'd have lots of money and be super successful. I think about that a lot actually. A lot of us must! No one wants to be mediocre. Today, on this February day in 2013 - it's not that I don't still wonder what I'll be when I grow up - because I do - because I'm not there yet - but I also know money and success are relative. Right now I'm in family mode.

Be family, love family, grow family.

Besides - my "problems" - they're #firstworldproblems - so trivial that they require a gratuitous hashtag.

Here's what I know tonight:
  • I'm happily married.
  • I LOVE my wife - like really. Not just publicly - we're REALLY in love. 
  • We have an AMAZING daughter. 
  • Plus - everything I'm doing in life is first - enjoyable - really! A LOT of the time! And secondly - it's all relatively positive, energetically. 
  • I'm proud of April Maglothin tonight.
  • I'm proud of TIM MAGLOTHIN tonight.
  • I miss hosting the How Stuff Works Podcast - which feels good to realize. 
  • We bought a LOT of vegetables this week and I actually believe we'll eat them all.
  • I don't want to clean up the kitchen - but I will with the help of my lovely wife.
  • I love our dogs - a LOT.
  • Tomorrow will be a hectic day.
  • I have a new project in the works involving me and two other super strong women and I hope that becomes something real.
  • I support Lea in her quest for us to have an at-home garden. Looking forward to celebrating her imminent success at it!
  • I'll miss Alice terribly until she comes home from Daddy's house on Saturday.
  • My #1to100 quest is proving daunting but you can watch me try on Instagram: "sarahelizabethprice"
  • The best thing I did this week was get in the bathtub with Alice with all my clothes on. She didn't think I would - and neither did I and then I just did. It was randomly rad.
  • I'm wicked creative. (I can say wicked in conversation now because I'm married to a Mainer.)
  • I may not exercise my creative abilities as often as I could - but I'm feeling a general openness to my artistic side.
  • The new residence is settled enough that my biggest house-hold concern is how to organize my crafts and that feels GOOD.
  • I want to be doing more creatively but I've been saying that for decades. Holy shit - DECADES! 

To that last point - here's what I vow to do about that (this time.)  Ayana and I are going to be creative-accountables to one another for as long as it's fun. We'll challenge each other to do something creative, weekly. A task that might be terribly specific or wide, wide open. And if we hate doing it - fine, I'll search for another source of accountability but for tonight, it's nice to have a person.

So here's your first creative challenge, Ayana: Create a collage of you and your husband. Any media. Any size. Only you and him. You have a week. Will you accept this challenge?!

Here's something else I know: I wrote a FREAKING BLOG POST! The first in nine months for NO GOOD REASON.

I'm shaking my head at myself on the inside. I can't do it on the outside because Lea will make fun of me for interacting with my own thoughts...

Can't post without a couple of photos:
First Day of School!
Craft Room Evolving!


  1. LOLOL!!!! at you in the tub with your daughter. That is way too awesome! Also, I want to know more about Paris on Ponce? So you own the whole thing? I have never been in there, but now I *HAVE* to go!!!

    And you are one of (if not THE) coolest mom on the playground. I am sure everybody was really happy to know more about you (I definitely did)!

    And my challenge to you was going to be to write a blog post! HA! I have no idea, now... What do you think about doing a podcast... or a VLOG!

  2. You know how you can tell who has a blog of their own? They leave comments ON THE BLOG! <3

    I definitely do not own POP - but I am a vendor there. That means I rent a space from them and I sell pretty much whatever I want within that space. I don't have to be there other than to make sure the booth looks good. Mostly I sell low-cost mid-century modern furniture and wares + things Lea and I make + things I find that I love that I can tripple my money on! :D

    You should still go to POP - it's a wonderful(ly inspiring) place.

    I'd love to accept the challenge of posting a VLOG this week. Eeegads! Now I'm nervous - but grateful! Let's DO THIS!

  3. Yeah! The only comments on my blog I get these days are SPAMMERS! Although on my youtube channel I get a lot of comments... I guess video watchers are more likely to comment...?
    Ha! You can tell that I have never been in that store... I LOVE those kinds of stores!!! I have only been to a few of them - and they were way out (Covington, GA and Marietta, GA)- not in the city. I am super excited about going there, now!

    And Yay! I cannot wait to see your vlog!