Friday, May 18, 2012

A Family Affair


Comprised of Sarah, Alice and Lea (in no particular order except that it spells S.A.L. in that order) but we are actually a family of 5!

Isabel has been in my life longer than anyone - crazy! We've "been together" for almost ten years. We made it past the two year itch and it's been a match made in heaven ever since! This is Isabel (aka "The Rabbit) asleep on the sofa. Passed out with Lea - some night - before 10 - I'm sure...

So the fifth family member is NEW! He's also four-legged and he's a big, mushy, love-face!

Meet Tino!

More face!
Yea, that dishwasher can't be trusted...
Hi Jessica Ginger!
He's a jungle gym for Alice
Night-night sweet man
We have daily hug practice - Tino loves it already

Awe heck. While I'm bragging about all the kids - here's some of my recent favorites of Alice.

Our little dream boat:

Arg! Cake!
Climber - not hugger

Last one, I promise.

Zee moms. Leaders, Lovers, Wives, Happiest of happy!!!

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