Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Making Rent

Everyone giving me advice about this venture kept saying "the first couple months you'll probably just 'make rent'..." That means, I'm only expected to make enough dough to cover the cost of the booth in the beginning.

Well - I'm happy to report I have already 'made rent' this month. In fact, I'd made rent by this past Saturday. SO - now on to bigger and better things...like 'making our home rent' and 'paying our bills'...
What sold? The aahmazing KLH stereo system. I knew it'd be one of the first things to sell but I'm a little sad it's gone. I had a hard time pricing it partially because Lea and I loved it so - but I also knew people would pay a good bit for it.

How to strike a good balance that gets it sold but doesn't make us feel like we "let it slip away"? 

Well - we went with what "felt right" and I'm not sure I struck that balance 100% / exactly right - BUT - I did learn a little more about that pricing struggle, the importance of writing "firm" on the pieces I am (too) emotionally attached to (like this one) and so forth and so on...and I'm *sure* the education is priceless.

I'm happy to begin looking for a stunner to fill its place.

Bye bye KLH...you've got a good home now but I miss you already!
P.S. - Thanks for paying the rent.

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