Monday, March 12, 2012

Why? Because They're AWESOME!

This weekend lent itself to scrappy, get-dirty-or-go-home picking and I had a B-L-A-S-T!

Favorite find: Industrial textile spools. Why? Because they're AWESOME!

This is where my intuition takes over and I see possibility in the unexpected. I am also incredibly attracted to repetition and when I saw a number of these beauties piled up I knew I had to make them they could be [yours].

I was with Lea, Alice and our great buddy Blair. I got facial question marks but insisted they were worth it. We crunched some numbers, I practiced my best bargaining and set out to make a deal.

I bought as many as I could afford and they're coming soon to the booth at Paris on Ponce. A little clean up + some creative and suggestive displaying will suit them well.

Yet another find that I'll have a hard time letting go...

Yummy, yummy gnarly repetition:
The shoe? That's for perspective: ~9 inches tall
Repetition = happiness.
So how were they used originally?

Well they are large spools for thread used on industrial sewing machines. They're still made today. These are at least well-used if not actually vintage. And...*ahem*...I like to think the people who have touched them were paid well and treated fairly. But get hung up on that and we'd have nothing in our there's that buzz-kill.

So how are people up-cycling these beauties?

Think: hat  / wine / pot ends + I want to hang scarves, pearls, dog leashes and / or robes on them. And last but not least - ART! Had I a brick wall in my home, I'd cover it with these. The possibilities are so so fun. Can't wait to sell them one precious spool at a time...or if you'd like to purchase 6 dozen at a time, that'd be just fine too.

L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E  L <3 V E


  1. I want some! I'd love to have a coat rack or rack for scarves made out of these. Love the colors. You know how to pick 'em.

  2. I love these things. My father managed a textile mill for many years and your pics remind me of him. I have one spool and I use it as a holder for chunky candles. I will definitely need to get some of these from you!