Friday, March 2, 2012

It Has Begun!

Brand new booth space going into the weekend!
I am so pleased to announce the booth at Paris on Ponce is open! I spent the majority of yesterday moving in my big stuff and organizing things in the space. 

Today was for moving in my smalls (of which I need a lot more) and pricing. I was a little torn about whether I had too many large pieces crammed in - but for now I'm leaving it all. The major goal was to get things to a good place for the weekend because we are driving to Nashville to visit my best friend and her husband this weekend.

I feel pretty good about the state of things - and I feel REAL good about being able to start fresh on Monday and tweak things. Vintage ashtrays are displayed on the second wall. I have another 15 or so to hang early next week. And I guess the wood slices are happening soon. But not right away. I'm exhausted. So happy it's over because that means it has begun!

   *pats self on back*

This is my favorite thing in the space - 1950s KLH stereo + turn table + lid + record rack + stand + 2 original model 20 speakers. Love love love!

It's so super sexy and in what I call VERY GOOD conditon and it sounds GREAT!

I secretly want Lea to keep it because she loves it a LOT! So...somebody better buy it before her birthday.

And what did I come home to? A sweet note from Lea, a bottle of prosecco and a wee 'lil 8 oz. bottle of St. Germain. I mean - this woman KNOWS me!

I teared up. I bet she'd call that a "mission accomplished".

Love my sweet Lea!

Oh and by the by...I sold two pieces first thing today. Woot! Bring on the weekend!


  1. can't wait to go shoppinnng! :-) congrats, sweets!

  2. Your shop really is amazing. Can't wait for the grand opening party and for al the new wonderful things you'll have over time. So proud and happy for you!