Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Tha...?

UGH! What tha...?

Well - I had a successful day but I just spent the last hour losing ebay auctions!

'Here's what' about me...If I'm sending a text / email / FB message, etc. and an error occurs, I usually stop and rethink whether or not I should really send said text / email / FB message, etc. I think of it as a second chance to make 100% sure I want to pull the trigger. Now - I don't send a a lot of dramatic emails or anything - so there's often no reason NOT to go ahead and "send it"...I'm just saying, that's how my brain works.
So - the same rule applies to losing...and losing...and losing on eBay. I'm usually very savvy and swift on eBay and I win most things I bid on - but like I said, I just lost...checking quantity...FIIIIIIVE auctions. 

You win and lose - that's the way it goes but these repeat losses just killed my spirit and I'm throwing in the towel tonight. Not even bidding on the final items I'm watching. There must be some *reason* I'm not supposed to. ;)

Gotta listen to the universe, right?

Oh but the fun stuff from the successful part of my day! I stopped in a couple favorite spots in the city today and scored a couple of gems:

First off - here's my favorite lil thing I saw today - just a photo of a cute lil ass!

  1. Heywood Wakefield Encore Utility Headboard - Twin + bedrails / The sweetest "big kid" room addition - EVER.
  2. Set of 6 children's dictionary - illustrated books. 
  3. Cream and Sugar set from the 1950s - ADORABLE!
  4. Art Deco vanity with original glass shelf in good condition and gorgeous etched mirror in mint condition. A beautiful find!
Headboard Love 
Illustrated Dictionary Loooooooooove
Sweet as (Cream and) Sugar!
Sliver of vanity mirror. (It's in the car) 

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