Monday, February 6, 2012

Better Luck Next Time

Last weekend I participated in Highland Row Antique's monthly market. They open early and stay late on the first Saturday of every month with a boat-load of new stuff each time. I was a guest-vendor of sorts since I don't have a booth with them. It was a learning experience. I hung out all day and didn't sell anything big.

To clarify - I sold *one* item. A $7.00 ceramic planter. On the up side, that's a dish Lea and I found on the side of the road in someone's that's free money...but it hardly felt free after hauling furniture to and from the shop in a few short days.


I left a couple of chairs there on consignment and the white child's armoire that I pictured in my previous post. If either of these items interest you - stop by Highland Row in the next couple of weeks and take them home!

Better luck next time - eh?

Pair of absolutely adorable Mid Century upholstered chairs. They're so cute I almost couldn't part with them! They're still for sale at Highland Row. Go take 'em home!

Another piece I took with me: Mid Century orange platform sofa. It's in storage now and will be coming to Paris on Ponce with me on the 20th. It's a great piece - and I've got it priced cheap!

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