Thursday, February 9, 2012

'Mrs. Crafty' if You're...

I've mentioned that I make things. Really - Lea and I both make things. It's a family affair, y'all!

In the past week we've worked on a couple of things worth sharing.

We're making bud vases out of some fallen Poplar near our home. Lea perfected this product when she made them as wedding favors for our nuptials last summer. Hang them on the wall or group on a table. Inside is a small bud vase - they're adorable. Simple and sweet. I'll post another picture when I get them hung at Paris on Ponce.

*Disclaimer, we do not endorse the use of power tools while wearing slippers. Also, a Christmas tree stand is not really a safe jig.

We also sell these at Adaptation Floral Design. 100% unsolicited Atlanta endorsement = in my informed opinion, Liz at Adaptation has created THE perfect flower shop in our fair city. Adaptation is a must if you need flowers for any occasion. She's a flower magician. She did our wedding flowers. And they were perfection.

<---Wedding picture

Next, we're making glassware by upcycling bottles. We came into several cases of Pellegrino bottles and need to do something with them. I've started making little rocks glasses. Here's how they're coming along so far...

Perfect for a single cube and a six count of something smooth and golden brown!

To be sold in six packs at Paris on Ponce...after I sand all the edges.

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