Thursday, February 16, 2012

Operation: Poor Chair

I found this chair - er - partial chair a while back and wanted to save it (her) give her new life.

This was one that Lea shook her head at originally - i.e. "honey it only has two legs and no seat."

It was in someone's garbage but it had perfectly in-tact double caning around the sides and back...I just had to save it!

So I began the surgery today and I'm proud to say she now has four legs again! There's a lot more to do but what a great start!

I'll post more pictures as the second...third...(likey) fourth surgeries are tackled. Stay tuned!

I'm not 100% decided but I think she'll end up painted. Maybe glossy white with a fun seat? I'd be open to your suggestions...
She was a sweet bi-pedal!

I was able to keep the biscuits in
tact from the original char parts

Started creating a cavity to hold the biscuit by drilling lots of tiny holes and
connected them patiently with various dremmel tips
Final (and pretty perfect) cavity in the chair leg for the
pre-existing biscuit

Nice tight fit!

Four legs!

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