Sunday, February 19, 2012

Progress Part 2

Alright - so today is yesterday's tomorrow - and the day I said I'd attempt the log slicing again. It happened!

Lea and I worked on our front porch with the mitre saw for about four hours. The sad news is we still don't have enough effing slices!!! Grr.

We've decided we'll hang a large print on the wall directly so that we don't have to cover that area with rounds. Seems a little like a hasty short cut but I'm really not sure we have enough wood otherwise.

Today I cut around 300 slices and I have a plan to get the rest cut in the morning before Lea, my mom and I move all of my merchandise into the booth tomorrow.

*sigh* All that is real overwhelming and probably means I should go to bed...rhut now.

Real quick - here are some photos from our day:
Bag o' slices! 
Reminder: this is the goal / inspiration
Reminder: this is my wall
Non-uniform slices = dimension and PERSONALITY!
Living room rug taped off as our template. Long way to go!
Successful test / slice-to-wall attachment.
Alrighty. Like I said - tomorrow is the big day. I'm moving things in at Paris on Ponce and we'll see if these slices go up on the wall yet or not. Still so many to slice stiiiiiiiiiiiiiill! Ugh. 

This is worth it...this is worth it...this is worth it... 

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  1. It's going to look awesome. Things always do when you follow your vision.