Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Productivity While Standing Still

Well - it has been a week since I have posted a blog and by my standards that is unacceptable.

I'm sew sawry y'all!

The main reason for the delay is that I'm on hold regarding my booth move in. That's disappointing but understandable. The folks at Paris on Ponce are changing a LOT of things right now - I'm but a fraction of the change coming that way - so they're busy and still working on finalizing the new spaces. All that said - it's making me feel like I'm doing nothing...

But I am keeping busy. Maybe you have interest in what my life is like beyond the vintage...so here goes...

All in order, all in a day's uh - to-do list + thoughts and observations + useless fodder:
  1. I Woke Up!
  2. Crewcut Catalog
  3. Thought on Procrastination
  4. Bedding Blunder
  5. Baah Humbug!
  6. Camis for My Cub
  7. Quiltorial
  8. Succulent Propagation
  9. Lea's Divine Dinner
  10. Wow, Steven Tyler went there
  11. Blogging Counts!
Elaboration + Details = Elaboratails:
  1. I Woke Up! This isn't just the first thing I did today, this is good news! I had a TURRIBLE 'stomach something' all day yesterday and I spent the whole night writhing in pain and breaking fever. I woke up three or four times sweating my ass off but I guess it was a step in the right direction because 8 hours earlier I thought I was dying. This is sicky morning face:
  2. Crewcut Catalog - that's the name of the JCrew Kid's catalog and man-oh-man it's so cute this season! In my humble opinion, little girl's clothes are often much more fun that the boy's options but this catalog has done a rather good job of flipping the script. In other words, their boy's clothes are killin' it right now. I wish I had a dapper lil' man in need of legit layers, suitable suits & keen kicks! Look at a couple of the cutest kids ever and their swank-y-ness:
  3. Thought on Procrastination - I'm sure I have more than one but I'll get to those later...Is it really procrastination if you KNOW you can accomplish your task in a much shorter amount of time?
  4. Bedding Blunder...We purchased all of our bedding from wedding money a few months ago and I can honestly say it warms my heart and makes me think of our sweet time in Vermont every time I see them. We have 10 pillows (two for sleeping, two shams, and six accent pillows) that make up our ensamble and most of the time 8 of them live on our "pillow shelf" (pictured below as: 'empty') because I really and truly prefer a comfortable rumpled boudoir over a must-be-made-up-every-day bed. Anyway, once I was moving today I put away some laundry and decided to make the bed. So the blunder is re: the pillows.  From day one I have had a hard time making them look "right". Today they are "wrong" - rul rul wrong. Relative, 'in my head' thought earlier: Damn, I wish I could remember how that house keeper arranged our pillows because they looked SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS (that one time we paid someone to clean our house):
  5. Baah Humbug! Alice has a stuffed animal named "Baah" - he's a sheep. Baah suffered a mild attack last night from one of my mom's four legged children so I had to perform surgery on him today. There were approximately 3,421 tiny plastic beads buried in Alice's fluffy shag rug and I had a thought. This is something I wish for often - one of those guaranteed, never to be granted wishes: I wish I could somehow know the answer to an impossible question. In this case, I wish I knew how many plastic beads remained in the carpet after twenty minutes of digging. It would give me something to work towards - a goal. Instead I ran my fingers through it and found what I could. All is well. Alice will never notice her pal's new patch.
  6. Camis for my Cub - this one is quick and simple. I love nice basics in my wardrobe and I love them for Alice too. I don't buy clothes that have logos or words, marketing, slogans, etc. on them. Today I was putting away Alice's clothes after I fixed her Baah and I celebrated again a simple good thing that I found a couple of days ago - Toddler Camis from Hanes. Thank you Hanes! Spring layering just got that much easier! Seriously - if you've ever tried to find tank tops or spaghetti straps for a little one you know what I'm talking about! Rhinestones, ruffles and ridiculousness often abound!
  7. Quiltorial - I've decided I'm making a quilt. Accordingly, I spent about two hours picking out my fabrics online and teaching myself via youtube and other online tutorials how I will accomplish this new goal. This will be my first. The inspiration and tutorials all got posted on my new Pinterest Board: Quiltorial.
  8. Succulent Propagation - I need to birth me some succulents! A lot of them actually for something I'm working on so I purchased a couple of lovely and leggy, indoor, hanging plants. One is an Portulacaria afra or "Elephant Bush" and the other is a Senecio or "Fish Hook". Since I have never done it before - I can't be sure this is all correct but I have snipped each of about 60 clippings at a joint since I understand most succulents can root from any joint. They are now callusing - as in forming calluses on all the fresh cuts - on a tray for three days before I can root them in soil. Meh - I really hope this works.
  9. Lea's Divine Dinner - HOLY PALEO CRABCAKE! We're eating a Paleo diet and when we get creative, amazing things happen. Lea was in the mood for crabcakes and she hit a home run with this dinner. This works for any low carb or gluten free diet and you'd never know there was a single carb missing! Check out Everyday Paleo's recipe here. She didn't follow their instructions completely because we had more crab than they called for and other minor adjustments were made in the interest of spontaneity - but our dinner was delicious and *clean. I by the way had nothing to do with this meal. Thank you for the deliciousness BABE!

    *Clean = A paleo diet:
  10. Wow, Steven Tyler Went There - We watch American Idol. Mhmm. The most remarkable thing I saw tonight had nothing to do with singing - and that says more about the singing that this not so remarkable note: I was sad for Jennifer Lopez when Steven called her out tonight on the live show about her nip slip at the Oscars! I mean - I wouldn't even say I really saw anything "off" with regard to her coverage except that E! showed a not-originally-aired clip of her and Diaz turned around, backs to the camera adjusting "something" last night. And then there's this: who cares anyway?!!! They both looked great!
  11. Blogging Counts! Writing this blog consumed a good part of my evening...especially when blogspot makes properly positioning the photos practically imPossible! You put your cursor in a spot and hit the "add photo" button and it lands somewhere else entirely. Irritating! #endrant
    Also, alliteration! I nerded out here with regard to alliteration in efforts to emphasize and aid in memory retention. Dang, I really wish there was an "M" word synonymous with retention. Oh well.
Alright. For me, this helps bridge the gap between last week's progress and what's happening now even though - with regard to my vintage voyage (hehe) I feel like I'm standing still.

Good night now.

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